Sunday, November 06, 2016

Happy B day ...Hard 2 Get...

Today is my blog birthday ... wowo .. I created my blog on  November 06, 2004, I know its long enought...   I remember that time I was so angry and frustrated about men .. my stupid marriage was flash down in the toilet ...I was trying to figure  out what I am then and what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life .. being by myself ... on my own in the other country than my own birth place , with other language , no family , struggeling with money and realtionship issues and I was inrolled to study in the Tafe Collage the same course I always want to do in uni , I ve got the uni application right but coudnt go on , so yeah ... my life was kind of fucked up then ,I was so addicted to read english and Persian blogs and boy those blogs are every where , finally I made a dicission to make on my own and write about my fucked up life and I am glad I did it, The blog things well so many stopped and got lazzy specially after facebook became populair but actually facebook helped me to keep my blog even better using all those memory and images I put in there , copy and paste the same and sent to my blog day and times of them to my blog made "Hard 2get " even more interesting , I do this for myself , no matter some people with read here or not ,I write for myself and that is it.When I read it and go through the posts and images , I wonder what an intersting life i have , thats the reason I am so honest with myself when its comes to write in here. So

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