Saturday, March 29, 2008

@ αfshiи's cΘиcєяt ...

It is иΘяΘΘz & I am dying for some persian dance ... we've got some ticket for αfshiи's concert and I belive that would be fun .. I knew some how bijan would be here toobut I knew the type of iranian in his night and I really didnt want to go there ... all I lΘΘve to do is dancing and I hate the fact that there are so many iranian try to check every one out or find out who is she or blah forget about Bidjan ... well he was late of course .. the little shit kept us waiting for hours and hours ...I guess this is iranian singer idea to keep every one waiting .. stupid though ... but who cares I was dancign with all those musics thereand we had nice dinner and drink and I took plenty of pix .. there were so many young iranians there ... lets say most of them in thier late 20thbut the good thing was I really didnt know most of them and I really had a great times .. finaly after a few hours αfshiи and I guess αmiя αli his brocame on the stage and I have to admit... he is really nice and not arrogant like most of iranian bitches or bastards singers ...he was so friendly and to tell the truth I was impressed .. his bro was shaking his butt really good ... it was kinda hΘΘΘΘt . here are some pix from our sat night and I really enjoyed it ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sexi Vampire ...

lately I upgrade my netrworking and internet so now I can watch much better some movies or tv on line.. its the best time to watch some iranain channel..well for norooz I guess
I like to try some thing different .. and since I have more times to stay at home these days .. well lets say till sunday I will enjoy watching some programmes..
so yeh .. thats kidna kool.

the movies I saw lately "Interview with the Vampire
..great .. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt.. Antonio Banderas Stephan Rea , Christian Slater
I love love love Vampire movies ..specially this one when isaw in some part that dick head Tom Crouse is burning..
ps. yep.. Idefinatly dont like cofins.. unless I end up 2 B a sexi Vampire.. hahaha

Thursday, March 27, 2008

دوستی ایرانی ام رو که فکر میکنم یه یکی دوسالی بود ندیده بودمش گفتم بیاد یه سر پیشم .. داشت از سفر ش به ایران واسم میگفت که بخاطر شرایط سخت زندگی بیشتر مردم خیلی پولکی شدن و دنبال موفقیت و اینا.. بهم گفت: باور کن هر چی عشق و حاله ملت اونور دارن میکنن .. ما اینجا کاری نمی کنیم ".. بهش میگم عشق و حال با ترس و لرز چه فایده ای داره ها؟من این ا زادی فردیم رو با هیچ چی تو دنیا عوض نمی کنم .. میگه من اینجا تا میتونم پولم رو جمع میکنم و بعدش بر میگردم ایران .. حرفش رو میفهمم ..این احساس رو خیلی ایرانی ها اینجا دارن . .و همش کف اند .. گفتم : من شاید نیام ایران واسه زندگی .. اما شاید از اینجا برم .. نمی دونم کجا .. باید یه چتد تا سفر برم ببینم کجا بهتره واسم .. ببینم چی میشه

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Da price of freedom ...

Today caryn and I went to the gym.. we started by hop on the treadmill then we went straight to the yoga class. Actually i did try yoga before but not this onethis one was japonies style wich was kinda interstin... i felt much better.. i was so intense for a few weeks...worried sick about my dad who was in the hospital (especially for Norooz times) and i knew i started early to be more active after that big shock my body went trhough a few weeks a go..still i managed to take it easy and not bein so rough in there.. i l ike the enviroment there... well its new it doesnt smell bad like most of the gyms who are working for a ling time.. every thing was new.. too bad its far from my place.. i might go to some where much close to my is some animation... well done by Marjan Satrapi... after watching it .. I felt I am actually watching my own life story back home or either in here.. I guess marjan is in the smae age group with me... our genoration(Nasl sokhteh) the genoration of war and after dam nfucking revoloution which turned to shitand we have to face so many craps in our lives... yeh thats right .. fredom has its own price my darling... its trouly does..."

.... بهارانه

گر چه اینجا از بهار میهنی
سرزمین سرد غربت .. خالی است
میشود اما به عشق آن بهار
در هوای عید و فروردین نشست
ازهمین جا میشود با گوش دل
بانگ مرغان بهاری را.. شنید
میشود گلهای دشت و خانه را
از همینجا .. از همینجا ... بو کشید
گرچه اینجا فصل بوران است و برف
میشود از گرمی خو رشید گفت
میشود از سوره سیزده بدر
میشود از آیه امید گفت

میشود از روی الگوی بهار
دل به فرداهای سرسبزی سپرد
تلخنی هجران رفته عمر را
لحظه هایی چند هم از یاد برد

گرچه اینجا هفت سین .. بی رونق است
میشود از سفره گفت .. از گل نوشت
میشود از سرو و سنجد .. حرف زد
میشود از سوری وسنبل نوشت

فاصله کم نیست .. می دانم .. ولی
قلبها رو میشود .. پیوند زد
میشود ازراه دور.. ازخاک سرد
بربهار میهنی .. لبخند زد
فریدون انوشه

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

at the library ...

Today I had some lazy day... went for shopping and then walking around and I found myself in the some public library... keep thinking "dom't borrw any books ... "got plenty at home wich I didnt read it yet ... suddnely I saw a friend of mine which I lost her number.. she was so busy reading .. I said hello and happy norooz and she was surprised to see me there ... any way ... she was inrolled in uni to study some course ..she wanted to work in walfare .. had so many assigment ... she said she is so stuck and if I can help her... well we talked a lot and I gave her some idea to how to write here reports and etc.. she said why dont you study again.. u dont ahve any problem in your english.. ?
I said : no thanks I am happy with my job ... .cant afford to do that now... I met her first at the beauty course a few years a go and swince then we talk of and off... she is marreid with 2 kids .. can tell she is not happy about her relationship.. I won't tell her name for her privacy ... then we talked a lot and I encouraged her to keep study .. this is the first things she was doign for herself for ages... knowing she even didn't finish her beauty and make up course and she left in the middle of the term...

she said her partner is knida not happy with her study and I guess some times you can tell if the other person is insecure and dont want to see his partner sucessful.. I rememver with my ex i was so happy to see him keep study and doing well.. that was something I really liked about him ...

she said she might leave him in the future when her kids get older ... might be so hard for her to keep up with all these things in her life... I am so glad I don't need to face this shit any more ...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is funny...
something to lough at ... he is so damn talented ..
ha hahah

NOROOZ .... NOROOZ .... NOROOZ ...HAppy EASter ...

Happy NOTOOZ ...
Happy Easter ...

عیدتون مبارک .. دمبتون سه چارک

this is funny .. lol

ha hahaha

last night Caryn came over to have some drink and watch some dvd.. she was waiting for her ex to look after the kids in the mean time... apparently he was lateand she was telling me she needed to wait and see if he will come soon ...I was thinking .. damn... I love my fredom ... dont need any shit... like if I want to go out any timethen I do.. well if I had kids .. how complicated would be for some one ..she will need some one to look after kidsand hell ..who I have here now to help me for that crap..?

yeh.. being single parent is not easy and I dont think I will be ...its kinda suck ...
well she finally managed to come over and we had a few drinks and watched nice dvd and chatted a lotI saw her new eyebrow too .. that was kinda kool .. she loved my hair and made so muc comment about my new make up as wellwe exchanged some dvd's.we will go to the gym soon for next week.I am listening to some iranian radio at the same time writing this.. still have some time off work and I am so damn relaxed .. kinda bord ... thinking about going for some trip... I need to go out of Sydney more often.its Norooz and I love this times of the year.. its spring in iran and I bet its getting warm soon .. I still have my "haftsen" and it will stay till "sizdeh be dar" the 13th day of Norooz .. eating plenty of "shirini" and "ajil".. might wathch out otherwise I will put on weight ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

SAl Tahvil ... JOoOoON ...

َAt 4:48 pm Sydney time ... tick tick tick ... I am excitecd and nervouse .. its sal tahvil ...

bos bos and cuddles ...

happy Norooz ...

hope we all have a beautiful year a head of us , health and happines for all persians ..yumy sabzi polo with "salmon+lemon " in foil from the oven and koko sabzi included with "gerdoo & zereshk +country duck eggs " ... joon ..
gr8 friendly company ..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Final count down 4 Nurooz ....

خوب اینجا سر صبحی هم که اولش رفتم هر چی مغازه افغانی بود هیچ کدوم اون چیزایی که میخواستم نداشت .. کمی پسته و تخمه و مخلفاتش رو جدا جدا گرفتم تا واسه آجیل بعدا همه اش رو قاطی هم کنم .. خوب پس باید برم جای دیگه .. یه فروشگاه ایرانی اینطوری نمیشه
آره عید داره میاد و من هم مشغول خرید های عید .. مثل هر سال .. کلی شیرینی ایرانی گرفتم .. ماهی قرمز هم فردا میگیرم .. سبزه هام هم مثل پارسال خراب شد .. واسه همین حاضریش رو خریدم...گاهی میشنوم که بهم میگن : تو چه حالی داری ؟ حالا مرخصی کار هم گرفتی .. تنها رندگی کردن که دیگه اینهمه دنگ و فنگ نداره .. بخر ... بیار .. درست کن .. واسه کی ؟... خوب فکر میکنم خیلی از افرادی که اینجا تنها زندگی میکنن همینطورن..یعنی مثل این "روبات ها" جون تنهان زیاد هم دنبال این کارا نمیرن .. لابد بخودشون میگن که چه فایده ای داره ..؟
واسه کی مثلا عید بگیرم..من همیشه گفتم که عید رو دوست داشته و دارم .. منو همیشه یاد خاطرات شیرین بچگی ام می اندازه که چقدر خوش میگذشت .. خیلی خوب بود .. چه هیجانی داشتیم که مشقامون رو زود بنویسیم و واسه 13 روز تعطیلی رو عشقه..با وجود اینکه من اینجا تنها زندگی میکنم و قربونش برم به سبب کامیونیتی گندی هم که داریم ما ایرانی هاتو هر جای دنیا و با هم زیاد قاطی نمیشیم و اونی هم گه میشه همچین گوشش رو میبرن که از شیکر خوردنش می افته ..باز هم عید رو میگیرم ..فرقی نمیکنه ما باید بدونیم از کجا اومدیم و کی هستیم .. باید رسوم قشنگ رو زنده نگه داشت .. حالا تنها باشی یا با کلی آدم یه جا زندگی کنی .. درسته که تو این سیدنی لعنتی حال و هوای عید نیست .. اما دل من بهاریه.. ومنتظر نوروز ... نمیخوام بعد از سالها وقتی به عقب نگاه میکنم احساس کنم چقدر هویتم رو از دست دادم نمی خوام فکر کنم که چقدر بقولی از کفم رفته .. نمیخوام مثل خیلی ایرانی های اینجا بخصوص مردها که بعد از سالیان مدید بیرون از ایران دلشون خوشه که برگردن و تو ایران دورا ن بازنشستگی شون و آخر عمرشون رواونجا بگذرونن .. شاید هم میترسن که تو تنهایی بمیرن .... باور داشته باشم که خیلی از دست دادم این هویت رو
آره نمیخوام مبدل به "زامبی" بشم
... آره .. "همه جای دنیا سرای من است

Sunday, March 16, 2008

this is it ...

به فاصله یک قدمی اش ایستاده بود.. نگاهی کوتاه به او.. انداخت
بعد با سرعت نوری ازش جدا شد
به همون سرعت .... فاصله گرفت
یه دنیا
مگه همینو نمیخواستی ؟.. ها
.. چقدر سبک شد
به سبکی باد
... باید به خواسته ات احترام گذاشت
فقط همین
.. چقدر هنوز تنهاست

Friday, March 07, 2008

Trinny & Susannah in Sydney ...

These days Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine are in Sydney.. I knew when they will come to the Parramatta Westfield Shopping Centre.. actually I was there the day and two days before as well for my shopping .
I read and watched plenty of thier shows just to get some tips about the way of dressing up.. I even bought a few books from themThose tips are kinda handy but the things is I didint want to go to their show becosue i dont liek they way they approch to some one.. its kinda rude and I dont like to be treated like that in any where or in front of some one elses...
well they both said the way of drssing up in sasutralia is shocking.. like in Uk.. well suprise suprise ..welcome to my world ... I totally agree and furthermore they said" the blokes are even worst.. I agree too.. the guys ..well most of them dress up ugly ..out of fashion.. I know the fact this becosue I live here enough to know that and I dated plenty of them
sometimes even most succesful men has no idea what the hell they have to wear to impress a woman like me .. So sas isn't it !!!???
I hope these guys get the hint & fucking WAKE UP... becaouse we dont want to date bad ugly dressed boys any more ..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

for Noroz ...

داره یواش یواش این خونه تکونی ما هم تموم میشه مثل هر سال دم دمای عید کمی سبزه گذاشتم .. به توصیه دوستی کمی هم ماش سبز کردم .. ببینم چی میشه .. کلی فیلم و دی وی دی ایرانی هم دیدم به نامهای
شاخه گلی برای عروس".. که خیلی خنده دار بود من یادم میاد یه آهنگی داشتم به
اسم " بزن بریم آذیتا " .. بعد که این فیلم رو دیدم فهمیدم مال همین فیلمه است
کلاغ پر- شمعی در باد فیلم های دیگری بود که دیدم
وقتی داشتم سریال بامزه "پاورچین رو میدیم با خودم فکر میکردم جقدر این موضوع تو جامعه ایرانی متداوله .. همین فرهنگ چاپلوسی و خایه مالی و یا بقول خودشون "پاچه خواری " و اینکه درسته که خیلی از مسایل و محتوای این سریال واسه خنده و فانه .. اما خیلی هاش هم واقعیت ها و بقولی دردهای جامعه ایرانی خودمونه .. که اگه چاپلوسی نباشه هیچ کاری پیش نمیره و موقعیت شغلی افراد بر اساس هنوز هم بیشتر بر اساس همین رویه انتخاب و انجام میشه

من از همون دیشب تصمیم گرفته بودم کمپر رو تمیز کنم که این دوباره تخمی نشه سر این قضیه ..دیگه تا طرفهای یازده صبح خوابیدم بعد پاشدم دستشویی ک...