Friday, January 26, 2007

australian day...

had a delish green/yellow gold lamington... yum.. 2 morrow iz australian day...hurray...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Volver..da movie...

Directed by Pedro Almodovar
Genre: Comedy / Drama (more)
Penélope Cruz .... Raimunda
Carmen Maura .... Irene
Lola Dueñas .... Sole
Blanca Portillo .... Agustina
Yohana Cobo .... Paula
Chus Lampreave .... Tía Paula
Antonio de la Torre .... Paco
Carlos Blanco .... Emilio
María Isabel Díaz .... Regina (as Isabel Díaz)
Neus Sanz .... Inés (as Nieves Sanz Escobar)
Leandro Rivera .... Production Assistant
Yolanda Ramos .... Presentadora TV
Carlos García Cambero .... Carlos
Pepa Aniorte .... Vecina
Elvira Cuadrupani .... Vecina
watched dis movie at newtown @ Dendy 2 day...
now some short breif about da story...
after her death ,a mother (Carmen Mavra) returns 2 her home town in order 2 fix the situation ,she couldnt resolve during her life.She slowly become con\mfort 2 her dauthers, (Penelope Cruz, Lola Dueñas )s well as her grand child ( Yolanda Ramos toghether three generation of women easily wind, fire,madness.superstion and even death..thanks goodness 2 lies and limitles vitality.
Just trying hard 2 solve dialy dramas in life and more are about the truthsand yes the truths whcih never ment 2 B told in family regardless of how hard as meant tp keep inside their broken heart. penelope Cruz sang a lovlye song and she really pt her heart in it.
i recomand dis movie to every the people who are sick & tired of hollywood bull shits. this one has a real story...has something to think about.and its so real.

Monday, January 22, 2007

my relaxin monday mornin...

i prefer goin to da beach durin da week..ah man its much better..not so many people there.. relaxing there my gelato ...dts gr8..luv it..start to read "bryce courtenay'z ..sylvia..." listening to patrizio..da italian... in my afternoon

Sunday, January 14, 2007

lazy sunday...

had a gr8 sundy so far... went 2 da beach and get some real tan.. after all.. stayed there for most of da times.. manage to swim and just listeneing and staying there listening 2 da nuture sounds helped me 2 4get about all da daily shit...

came back afternoon... watched my fav show ..." So u think u can dance" from chanel 10 .. i luv dt show... its mad ...
talked with sonja an d vaneesa clled me from melbourne dafte dt...
she was sick lately... much better now....
i was wondering iz sooo damn guuuud....

i luv my "intoxicated freedom"...!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

مردی گفتن... زنی گفتن

نمی دونم شما هم این کلیپ سوزان روشن رو دید...مرد ی رو گفتن زنی گفتن..
اینو من کاملا اتفاقی تو یو تیوب پیداش کردم و نگاه کردم...
از اول تا آخر این کلیپ این سوزان با یه تیکه... کشتی میگیره و دست به یخه میشه.. آخرش هم یه لب مشتی از این جیگر میگیره
..اونم چه لبی.
. "کوفتت بشه زن
"... خیلی ترقی کردیم ها...
مگه نه..!!!؟؟؟
حالا جالبه وقتی داری به یه خط یا همون لاین شعر آین اهنگ گوش میدی میبینی همش میگه .." من دختر ایرونی ام و حیا م زیاده و از این چرت و پرت ها
...داشتم فکر میکردم چقدر شعرش با خود کلیپ زمین تا زیر زمین ...تومنی ..خداد تومن ..فرق میکنه
تا کی ما میخواهیم از این آهنگ های آبگوشتی داشته باشیم


Sunday, January 07, 2007

summe time..happy dancing feet

saw da movie" Happy feet" ..luved it... beutiful sunnyday... summer time.. beach side.. sydney.. life is good...

Saturday, January 06, 2007


The most versatile word in Persian vocabulary is "Koon" or " Butt"
hehehhe yeh...
Here are some proverbs widely used in the language
1. When you are excessively happy , tooye koonet aroosieh.
2. When you are teasing people, koonet mikhareh.
3. When you are lazy, koonet goshade.
4. When you are out in the cold, Koonet yakh mizaneh
5. When you loose something for no reason, koonet misouzeh.
6. When you work damn hard, koonet pareh misheh.
7. When you are scared and shaken, barq az koonet mipareh.
8. When you are extremely frightened , ann tou koonet Alaska mishe.
9. When you are damn tired, joon az koonet dar mireh.
10. When you are incredibly lucky, az koon shans myiari.
11. When you demonstrate disregard for someone, barash koon kaj mikoni.
12. When you give someone undue compliments, baad too koonesh mikoni.
13. When you have a very sharp vision , koonet ham cheshm dareh.
14. When you think very highly of yourself, az koone feel oftadi.
15. When something terrible happens, koone aasemoon zamin miad
...funny ha... but true...


*__ *

Friday, January 05, 2007

love my doll....

..i was watchig some documentry on SBS my fav chanel on friday night.. aftually its is my fav chanel couse ..there are so many good stuff u can see... lots of interesting documens or even good gr8 movies from all over da world which actually have story .. not like some hollywood shits which some times all they can offer are sex or killing each other
anyway... da actual story was about some lonely men who try to replace some dolls for their compannion ..
jusus dt was disturbing I alwyas try to not judge people..any one have a right to have different sexual prefrence ..fatasies..wat ever and when i really know about them.. as i said befor i dont judge any of them but dis one..i still try to figure out wt da hell was it... well not all da guys are old or too ugly ws a guy who actually had good and normal look and middle age of course and was dating a lady who find form on line chat
dis poor woman wanted to surprise him in his b'day..and when she went there ans saw dall da dolls well gromed and sitting around table ...

ah man i dont want to date dt kind person for sure..feel sorry for her as she saying .."i wonder now i have to compete wth dis dolls and i dont know if i can do dt..." and at d end she dumped him.. i dont blame her..she just couldnt handle it ...would u..?
would u ever date some one like dt..?a man who has so many dolls.. sleeping with all of them..fancying he is da old play boy fag..and these are his gals..yeh right and wt else...
but i have one suggestion for da man who get initmidate when they see ..they not dating just a pretty face or a matt.. if u cant handle a woman who can think and talk and has brain and want to decide for herself at da same time when she sees u .. and if u cant handle it.. get da doll controling freak ..dat s a good choice 4 ya...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my New Year gift...hurray...

امروز بسته بزرگم بدستم رسید
وقتی که بازش کردم از ش بوی عشق میومد
بوی بهار دستای عاشق مادرم ..که هر چی از دستش بر اومده بود
پر از خوردنی ها .. کادو و حتی لواشک ایرانی و زعفرون توش میدیدی.
.عطر دستای عاشق مادرم تمام خونه رو گرفته بود
قربون دستای مهربونت ...مادر...

from all da stuff ive got i loved da dress...a cute sleek cut sexi and elegant night gown with a cعte hand bag...da same material of course from my fav beauty and make up french company Vves Rocher"...
ma... u have such a gr8 and elegant taste..

thank u ..

i luv my new parisian dress... any one has any party to invite me...? lol
wat a woman....

با دیدن دست خط ناهید که نوشته بود

توی پرانتزی که بازش کرده و اینو نوشته
"عزیز دلم "
واسه لحظه ای جعبه رو کنار گذاشتم...
با شه بعدا میندازمش دور ...

این هفته هم جای خاصی نرفتیم من به کلاس هام زبانم ادامه میدم ..دوشنبه صبح رفتم خونه این زنه رو تمیز کنم که سمت زلهم بود قبلش چند تا عکس از ا...