Sunday, May 29, 2005

da persian movie

last nite i wz watchin a movie which i downloded from internet..dt wz an iranian move" aabi"
correct me if i am wrong..but something in dis type of movies wasnt work 4 me... some puzzle is missing....after all years stil ....we still have some issues..da woman,,,who dont have an identity for themselves..watever they go they hve to B some onez mother ..wife or sista...nothing else work for them...its sad and make me sick to C its still there and all people has 2 suffer for it in iran..i dont even get so interested to watch some hollywood bullshits..its all sex & actionz crap..with out actual having a story...
i used to brows a lot in iranian site many times B4 and i found out they been so tight ass to put something for they colorful websites...but these dayz they learnd to accept to put some freebes like da movies and songs..well thanks christ 4 lest now i can get more and C more persian movies on line....

Friday, May 27, 2005

(2) ...یادی از گدشته هام

آقا اینجا تو استرالیا آی جک و جونور هست آی جک و جونور پیدا میشه...از سگ و گربه های کوچولوی خانگی بگیر تا مارمولک های نکره تو بریزبن...
یادم میاد دم رودخونه تو بریزبن ...یه مارمولک گنده ای داشت اینقد ر هم پررو اند که...اوایل که میدیدم وحشت میکردم اما طرف آدم نمیان..خود اینا که خیلی حیوون دوست دارن..برعکس ما ایرونی ها که اگه یه حیوون بخصوص ریز و کوچیک ببینیم اولین کاری که میکنیم لنگه دم پایی رو برمیداریم و ازشون حسابی پذیرایی میکنیم...اما از سوسکها بگم...که مدتی وسواس پیدا کرده بودم...پس چی ..با هزار بدبختی ویزا گرفتم که بیام اینور سوسک بکشم؟؟!!!...چی خیال کردی...هیچ سوسکی حق بالارفتن ازدیوارخونه ام رو نداره...چه آدم گردن کلفتی ام میبینی؟؟!!!!
...سالی یکی دوبار باید سمپاشی کرد خونه رو...عجب دنیایی است اینور آب...

Monday, May 23, 2005

"Helena will represent Greece" Posted by Hello
"My Number one " Posted by Hello

da final eurovision song contest

i saw da final show Da "Eurovision Song Contest" ..dat wz relly kool ..i am glad i didnt miss dis...i wz waitin for d resul..talking with my mum at da same told me ..greece gann win hon...they all saw dat show a day B4...da winner
the all songs wz real good ..i liked da customz & different songs..they had really mobile group ..da playrs da dancerz all moving areound with da rithemz..some wz funny ..but d majority wz ok...

My Number One
Music: Christos Dantis
Lyrics: Christos Dantis - Natalia Germanou

You're my lover ...
undercover ..
You're the most impressive person I discovered ..
You're delicious ..
So capricious ..
If I find out you don’t want me..
I'll be vicious ..
Say you love me...
and you'll have me In your arms forever
and I won't forget it Say you miss me Come
and kiss me Take me up to heaven ...
and you won't regret it ..

You are the one ...
You're my number one The only treasure ..
I'll ever have
You are the one ..
You're my number one Anything for you 'cause ..
you're the one I love You're my lover undercover ..
You're the most impressive person I discovered...
You're a fire and desire ...
When I kiss your lips,
you know, you take me higher..
You're addiction my conviction ..
You're my passion,
my relief, my crucifixion Never leave me ..
And believe me ..
You will be the sun into my raining season
Never leave me And believe me In my empty life ...
you'll be the only reason ...
ps. By da way iz da song...enjoy folkz

Friday, May 20, 2005

another challange in my friday evenig

باز دوباره دربدر دنبال یک آ رایشگاه ایرانی میگشتم...خسته ..پیدا کردن یه آرایشگاه ایرانی هم اینجا یه مصیبتیه...بگذریم بعد ازکلی گشتن آخرسر از خیرش گذشتیم و همینطور تو مغازه ها میگشتم آخر رفتم تو یه آرایشگاه چاینیز...این چینی ها هم با این انگلیسی حرف زدنشون یه بدبختی ما داریم...پرسیدم شما تو این جا موی صورت هم برمیدارید؟؟؟من وکس نمی خوام ..با موچین ابرو بر میداری؟؟میدونستم میگه نه...دخترک گفت : آره
باور نکردم...دوباره گفتم: من وکس نمی خوام ها...گفت میدونم با نخ...قیمت رو هم گفت...با خوشحالی چپیدم تو ارایشگاهش...کلی هیجان زده بودم...داخل سالن وارد اتاقی شدم ..دختر جوانی با کلی مواد ماسک راحت و آرام رو تختی خوابش برده بود...دراز شدم رو تخت و زن جوان شروع کرد به کارش..کفتم اصلا نگران درد نباش کارت رو بکن ...دمش گرم ..صورتم رو به سرعت تمیز کرد و ابرو ها رو هم همینطور..کارتش رو گرفتم ..موقع حساب کردن ناکس میخواست بیشتر بگیره...دیدم مادر دختر با اون زبون چینی شون تند تند با هم بلغور میکردن ...اینو فهمیدم ..دختر جوان گفت : چون صورت شما کار بیشتری داشت باید بیشتر بدید..گفتم : من از اول گفتم من واسه تمام صورتم میخواستم...شما هم قیمت رو گفتید...بالاخره با کمی توفیر قیمت پول رو دادم و خوشحال بیرون اومدم....بالاخره به خواسته اون روزم رسیده بودم ...تا یک ماه دیگر ببینم چی میشه...
Tonite I had a plan to sleep early…havin my diner and I knew da Tv in Friday nite is suck..i turn it on..i wz rit…then I searched different channel…hng on sbs had a Eurovision ..da music competition..damn I luv dat show and try to not miss it every we r again..i know I have to stay up more longer tonite…it wz semi final but still I want to c it…nice gowns with beuty hair and songs. .i watched it all wonderin when ganna b da final competiotion..da host country was Ukraine…

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

havin a flue

got sick 2day...even after da flue shot...feel really crap...and after all i wonder if i dead one day..who gann know ..who gann care..damn dis life...damn

Saturday, May 07, 2005

My STuped FiRe AlARm

since I came 2 my new place..dis damn fire alarm is givin me hard time…one screamed his gut out. I wz so tired dat nite so I woked up..half of my brain still sleep..tryin 2 figure out wt da hell iz dis???looked at my looked my wt da hell is dis???!!!
..finally I found out itz my fire alarm. so I tried to use da chair to reach it. then I did and stoped him..from dat moment this piece of junk givin me a real creep..dis weekend he went on and off..and I try to stop da end I just knew im gann have one of those nites with at da last minute I punched him with my taft spray can so hard. it completely stopped..i am not gann fix dis shit at all…
ah man.... I luv my fire alarm free new place….

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Male version of Brazilian wax

Its Tuesday evening.. we all sitting in da class..Im tryin to finish my client nailz…Caroline is with me.. well I am so damn exhausted but she still cam make me laugh…I said: so honey..have u ever done da wax on staff on da client. she said: yes
Me: really??
Caroline: yesss..
Me: ok so I know we call it Brazilian for da women. ..but how about guz ???wt we call it for men?? …u know…??
She said: back, sack & crack. I was laughing my guttz out then…
My client couldn’t fully understand… so she said :wat z dat mean??
This time Caroline pointed to da places with da names…
Then she said :”especially when u having like lots of leboz.. Lebanese guys who they r damn hairy ..just imagine u having 2 or 3 client like dat in a day and when da forth one come in ….u think ..” oh no not another one” lol
Dat ws so hilarious.. she always make every one laugh..I really like her…

من از همون دیشب تصمیم گرفته بودم کمپر رو تمیز کنم که این دوباره تخمی نشه سر این قضیه ..دیگه تا طرفهای یازده صبح خوابیدم بعد پاشدم دستشویی ک...